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The company is operated by the Managers.


The Owners are:

Frank Hawkins – African American, Male

Andre Rhodes – African American, Male

Cultural diversity is important to Nevada Wellness Center. We have a diverse Advisory Board and Workforce. More than 85% of NWC employee workforce is Hispanic, African American, disabled, gay/lesbian, and younger than 30 years of age. Four of the five NWC key employees are minorities: 3 women – 3 are African Americans, 2 men of which both are Hispanic.

NWC has found talented, skilled and experienced employees and Board Members. These implementors and creators have innovation, language skills, and continue to influence their peer groups and our communities in diverse ways.


Nevada Wellness Center Community Members:

Nevada Wellness Center has expanded its community board. The board members have a vast amount of experience in community service, non-profit management, private business, and working with government agencies.

Rosalind BrooksAfrican American, female, 25+ years government & nonprofit exp

Trina RobinsonAfrican American, female, 30+ yrs government, now business owner

Dr. Linda Dougan – African American, female, 30+ yrs business & community exp

Diane Pollard – African American, female, 30+ yrs business, nonprofit & community exp

David Washington – African American male, 30+ yrs gov exp. & community exp.

Jerry Smith – African American, male, 30+ yrs US Military, Metro Police & comm exp

Brain Sagert – Caucasian, male, 30+ yrs nonprofit, community & gov exp

Carmen Jones – African American, female, Medical Doctor, 7 yrs Marijuana exp

Stacy Dougan – African American, female, 5+ yrs business owner & community exp

3200 S. Valley View

Las Vegas, NV 89102


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