West Flamingo Location Now Open 24/7! **ALL PRICES INCLUDE TAX**


When will my order arrive?

Our goal is for you to have your order within 4 hours.

  • If we try to make 3 attempts to deliver your product, we reserve the right not to service you anymore.

What is the minimum purchase per order?

You must spend a $50.00 pre tax minimum for delivery. Not including the delivery fee.

Do my points apply?

Yes. You will receive your points for your delivery, but can not use them until we reopen on the inside.

How much marijuana can each patient buy?

Patients can buy up to 1 ounce of cannabis per delivery.

What if I am a medical patient?

In order to purchase medical marijuana you must be a current cardholder or a caregiver. Please send a photo of your medical card to NWC3200@gmail.com  along with your I.D. to receive medical discount.

What is the delivery fee?

We have 3 delivery fee options.

Standard (8am-10pm) – $9.99

Midnight – 6am – $19.99

Express Delivery (8am-10pm) – $19.99 (within 2 hours)

Do you sell grams, eighths, or half ounces?

Yes, we sell grams, eighths, quarters, and half ounces.

Is it all cash?

Yes we are cash only upon delivery. The delivery driver does not carry change.

Can you deliver to hotels?

According to state law we can not deliver to GAMING hotels, but we can deliver to NON-GAMING hotels.

Where do I meet you for delivery?

Please be prepared to meet the delivery driver at their car. We are not allowed to send our drivers to your doors.

Any discounts at this time?

We are doing certain discounts on certain products right now. Please refer to our Online Store for options.

Can I modify my delivery ?

Yes. You are able to modify for order until it has began to be processed. Please double check before placing your orders to avoid this problem.

Will I receiver a confirmation for my order?

Yes. You will receive a confirmation email immediately after placing your order online, and one of our budtenders will call to confirm your order over the phone.

Do you need a picture of my I.D?

Yes. We require a front and back picture of a VALID I.D. to be sent to our email NWC3200@gmail.com for all orders. We can not process your order if you do not provide valid I.D. 

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